Wednesday, December 6, 2017


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Audio - A Corpse in the Soup, Terror in a Teapot
Audio coming soon - Vanishing Act in Vegas, Diamonds in the Dumpster

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


It is hard to believe, but the first Silver Sisters Mystery, A CORPSE IN THE SOUP, was originally published in 2006 and named Best Mystery Audio Book by USA Book News. Since then the twins, their mother and uncle and the whole zany Silver clan have moved to the present publisher and have had more wacky adventures.


Find it at iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Scribd and Page Foundry. Hopefully, the Kindle edition will also be FREE soon. Remember the book is also available in paperback and audio book.

We have started a mailing list, and here is something else exciting. So many people asked how it all began, how did these twins become amateur sleuths and what was their family like? Well, in late April we will begin to write a novella about HOW IT ALL BEGAN, and it will be available in Kindle and ePub, but only to those on our mailing list. And there will be other SPECIAL MAILINGS about the Silver Sisters and their family, OFFERS AND CONTESTS, so use the POPUP form to sign up. If it doesn't pop up, please use the form in the sidebar and we will add you to this exclusive mailing list. HOW COOL IS THAT?

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Sunday, December 18, 2016


Just signing contract with Books in Motion for VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS and DIAMONDS IN THE DUMPSTER to be recorded and published as audio books. When finished and released, ALL FOUR in the series will also be available as audio books as well as paperback, Kindle, and A Corpse in the Soup as a Nook book.

Available on Amazon in all countries served by Amazon.

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE FANS OF SILVER SISTERS MYSTERIES. We will keep the fun alive and begin to plot a new book at the beginning of 2017. May the best of the holiday season be yours!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


We listened to you and gave the twins' 80 year old mother and uncle, Flossie and Sterling Silver, the starring role in the latest Silver Sisters funny crime caper.

The first two books, A CORPSE IN THE SOUP, and TERROR IN A TEAPOT, are available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook. The next two, VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS and DIAMONDS IN THE DUMPSTER, have only been in paperback and Kindle.

GREAT NEWS! We will soon be signing a contract for those two to also be in audio.

And, we are considering having all of the books also available in a variety of digital platforms besides Kindle.

In 2017 we will begin writing the next zany mystery, and it will be mostly in Portland, Oregon. Working title is BONES IN THE BELFRY.

Check out all of the books on Amazon at  Paperback edition at most online booksellers, or order from your local favorite bookstore.

Remember they make a great gift for those on your list who like funny mysteries.

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Post a review for DIAMONDS ON THE DUMPSTER on Amazon and/or Goodreads, and receive a free Kindle or PDF copy of one of the previous Silver Sisters Mysteries. THAT'S RIGHT! Just post a short review, use the Contact Form in the sidebar to send us a copy of your review and your email or Kindle email address along with the title of the  book you want, and we'll send it right out to you. 

Kindle edition just 99 cents on Amazon until the end of August.

If you use your email address, you can send it to your Kindle address yourself by forwarding it. The ePub will work on most readers. Prefer a PDF? Just let us know.

We appreciate all of our fans and supporters and this is our way to show it.

Have a wonderful day.


Saturday, July 30, 2016


For you Silver Sisters Mysteries fans, DIAMONDS IN THE DUMPSTER, the 4th book in the series, is finally available for presale in the Kindle edition -- official release date August 15.

We listened to our fans, and gave the twins mother Flossie and great Uncle Sterling staring roles in this book. What kind of trouble can 80 year-old former vaudeville magicians get into on a cruise ship? Well, as you'll find out, the sky is the limit. And what about their dog Waldo the Wonder Dog? Turns out he's great at sniffing out the bad guys. Who would have thought so?

Meanwhile Goldie and Godiva have their hands full with the nasty web that's been woven. As usual there are twists and turns in this fast-paced comical crime caper and we challenge you to figure out the ending.

As a thank you for all of the support our silver-haired Mae West lookalikes have had through the years, we are offering the Kindle edition of this book at only 99 cents through the end of September. Then it will go up to the regular price of $2.99, so act now if you want to save two bucks. 

The paperback edition will be out by the end of August, too, and we've placed it on Amazon's matchbook program -- buy the paperback for $14.99 or whatever Amazon lists it for, and get the Kindle edition free. Read the paperback in your comfortable armchair and keep reading on your Kindle or Kindle app when you're on the go.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


It's been a long time coming since their last zany escapade, VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS, but the Silver Sisters and their delightful octogenarian mother and uncle are finally all set for their latest adventure.

IT'S CRUISE TIME and Flossie and Sterling encounter far more on the high seas than they bargained for. We have Waldo the Wonder Dog, their trustworthy performing dog, sailing along with them. Here is a little sneak peek:


Eighty-one year old Flossie Silver poked the front page of Magic Moments Monthly with her bony finger and held it up for her daughters and brother-in-law Sterling to see.

“Just look at this!”

The headline,Sheik’s Assistant Sizzles in Macabre Mishap,” jumped off the page. Right next to the horrific story was a photograph of a smiling magician accompanied by a beautiful Asian girl wearing a skimpy harem costume.

Sterling Silver put down his fork, and leaned across the kitchen table to reach for the newspaper. “Let me see that.”

The elderly man adjusted his reading glasses and studied the image of Sheik Ali Kazaam, elegantly dressed in cape and turban. He shook his head and handed the paper back to Flossie. She passed it over to her daughter, Godiva, then turned back to Sterling.

Oy vey, did you read the part about how his poor assistant, Pearl Woo, was accidentally electrocuted during a rehearsal? It happened at the Chateau Magique in Vancouver. Didn’t we do our act there one time?”

Sterling nodded solemnly and speared a slice of bright green avocado.

The two retired vaudeville magicians ate breakfast in Godiva Olivia DuBois’ large airy kitchen every morning at nine o’clock. Several years before, Godiva’s millionaire husband, Max, had dropped dead in Las Vegas minutes after winning a huge jackpot. A few months later her Uncle Sterling moved into the gardener’s cottage on her Beverly Hills estate. The following year, her mother Flossie sold her kitschy stucco bungalow in Hollywood and moved into the guest house. Breakfast in the kitchen had become a morning ritual. Although Godiva’s career as a syndicated advice columnist kept her very busy, she enjoyed joining her mother and uncle whenever possible.

But that morning the discussion about a beautiful young woman dying during a magic act was anything but enjoyable. She looked up from the last bite of her omelet and stared at the newspaper. “What did you say, Mom? Electrocuted? How could that happen during a magic act?”