Tuesday, January 5, 2016


2016 is here and it will be time for a new SILVER SISTERS MYSTERIES escapade. Look for the publication of DIAMONDS IN THE DUMPSTER in early 2016.

We will be looking for some advance reviews, so if you would like to be an "early reader" and will agree to give us a fair review, we'd be happy to send you an ePub, .mobi or PDF copy prior to publication. Just email marinapublishing@gmail.com with a subject line of DIAMONDS IN THE DUMPSTER, your format preference and your email. We will put you on the list. The first 3 books all have Amazon ratings between 4.4 and 4.8.

If you haven't read them, this is a great time to begin. In A CORPSE IN THE SOUP Godiva is accidentally poisoned on a cooking show and her twin Goldie rushes to her side from Juneau Alaska. Godiva, in her inimitable way, winds up dating the celebrity chef who becomes a murder suspect. The twins and their mother and uncle, 80 year old former magicians, set out to prove he didn't do it.

Then came TERROR IN A TEAPOT. Russians on the rampage in Juneau Alaska. When Godiva and Chef Caesar Romano travel there for Goldie's mother-in-law's birthday bash, little does Godiva realize she will be in the middle of a crime wave in quiet Juneau. Goldie got the wrong shipment of Russian antique samovar tea dispensers, and now everyone who bought one at her antique store has either been killed or assaulted, and the samovars were stolen. What made them worth killing for?

Next was VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS. Godiva's son Torch, an award-winning FX man, moves to Las Vegas for a dream job on a TV series. He's looking forward to life as a swinging bachelor when he meets and falls for headliner magician MARA THE MAGNIFICENT, but Mara is hiding an astounding secret. The twins and oldsters travel to Las Vegas and before they know it, they're involved in murder and mayhem. This time the aging magicians are center stage and almost wind up doing a disappearing act of their own!

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