Sunday, June 5, 2016


It's been a long time coming since their last zany escapade, VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS, but the Silver Sisters and their delightful octogenarian mother and uncle are finally all set for their latest adventure.

IT'S CRUISE TIME and Flossie and Sterling encounter far more on the high seas than they bargained for. We have Waldo the Wonder Dog, their trustworthy performing dog, sailing along with them. Here is a little sneak peek:


Eighty-one year old Flossie Silver poked the front page of Magic Moments Monthly with her bony finger and held it up for her daughters and brother-in-law Sterling to see.

“Just look at this!”

The headline,Sheik’s Assistant Sizzles in Macabre Mishap,” jumped off the page. Right next to the horrific story was a photograph of a smiling magician accompanied by a beautiful Asian girl wearing a skimpy harem costume.

Sterling Silver put down his fork, and leaned across the kitchen table to reach for the newspaper. “Let me see that.”

The elderly man adjusted his reading glasses and studied the image of Sheik Ali Kazaam, elegantly dressed in cape and turban. He shook his head and handed the paper back to Flossie. She passed it over to her daughter, Godiva, then turned back to Sterling.

Oy vey, did you read the part about how his poor assistant, Pearl Woo, was accidentally electrocuted during a rehearsal? It happened at the Chateau Magique in Vancouver. Didn’t we do our act there one time?”

Sterling nodded solemnly and speared a slice of bright green avocado.

The two retired vaudeville magicians ate breakfast in Godiva Olivia DuBois’ large airy kitchen every morning at nine o’clock. Several years before, Godiva’s millionaire husband, Max, had dropped dead in Las Vegas minutes after winning a huge jackpot. A few months later her Uncle Sterling moved into the gardener’s cottage on her Beverly Hills estate. The following year, her mother Flossie sold her kitschy stucco bungalow in Hollywood and moved into the guest house. Breakfast in the kitchen had become a morning ritual. Although Godiva’s career as a syndicated advice columnist kept her very busy, she enjoyed joining her mother and uncle whenever possible.

But that morning the discussion about a beautiful young woman dying during a magic act was anything but enjoyable. She looked up from the last bite of her omelet and stared at the newspaper. “What did you say, Mom? Electrocuted? How could that happen during a magic act?”

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